Friday, February 17, 2006

The first real world cake on rails implementation.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Future musings

So Cake 2.0 has been underway for less than 24 hours, a few concerns in the rising Cake community must be addressed if we are to meet our aims of VC investment and eventual acquisition by mid February 2006.

Cake 2.0 URLs
We feel there are mixed feelings amongst the Cake 2.0 community about the state of cakeonrails URL's. To quote an example from one member; "I want my cake faster, I don't want to type html in every time I feel like a Cake 2.0 mashup".

In this instance we feel the user is right, but we have come so far already? Can we really justify changing all of our URL's at this stage to more Cake 2.0 friendly versions? A topic I am sure we will cover much more in the future.

Cake 2.0 Costs
With the escalating costs of making Cake, should we consider a pay per content appoach? Certainly the API is proving popular and there is a potential means for making profit there, but as discussed at the Web Apps conference there is currently no standard for billing through an API. As a showcase of Web 2.0 (and indeed Cake 2.0) technology we feel we should wait for this standard to emerge.

Cake 2.0 Pirates
It has come to our attention that some people are taking advantage of the uncompiled nature of Cake's HTML source code. They are partaking in an unprecedented escalation of Cake 2.0 abuse. We think maybe a more secure method of distributing Cake 2.0 is needed, but it must be done without going against the open standards encouraged by Web 2.0.

We must face these challenges head on if we are to succeed in providing the next generation of Cake for the future of the web. It is now clear that Cake 2.0 is the way forward and we will look forward to the challenges and hurdles that lie ahead

CakeOnRails - it lives!

Inspired by the 'Future of Web Apps' conference this week we decided to start our own Web2.0 site.

So here it is...